Funny Animated Business Cards

Business cards don’t have to be as sophisticated as some people make them to be. Yes, there is a place for a serious card, but it is often possible to mix it up. Certain niches should be looking to go with funny business cards. It spices things up, especially when the niche is related to toys and children. You want to keep it lighthearted.
Animated Funny Business Cards

Funny Animated Business Cards

The best business cards can be found online, but they have to be funny and animated with the person that will be receiving one. If it does not speak volumes, it will become a disaster.
Crisp Animations
If animated videos or cards are being used, they should be crisp and creative. If the animations are bland and being done for the newness of it, you won’t get enough traction. Yes, a few people will be charmed, but others won’t as they will hate it eventually. You need to go with crisp animations.
You want to get a real feel for how the animations are being used. They should help promote the business to someone that would pick them up. It should give them the information needed along with being able to be unique too.
Is there humor to what is being given? If you just toss in an animation, you might come off as being overconfident and being a tad crazy. However, if you add a bit of humor to what you are presenting, you will get more appreciation and the person will connect.
It is this connection that you want from the business card that is being used online. This is the only way to make it easier for you.
If the business card is not nice, you won’t like how funny it is so there has to be some sort of combination being offered.
Don’t just have business cards that are animated because that is only a part of it. You need more than an animated card to help out. You need one that is sending a good message as well because that is what a business card is supposed to do. If it does not even get the message across, you are not really getting much use out of the card.
Your intentions might be wonderful with the animated business card, but you need a solid option that still has the details written out for the person to contact you and find out more.

Whiteboard Animation Story Drawing

Recently, whiteboard animation has really taken off online as a fun and easy to follow way to describe a process or introduce a product. Whiteboard animation is characterized by the artist drawing a story and the process is observed as if it’s live. It’s a very unique and effective way to get a message across. There are plenty of styles and topics in whiteboard animation. Cartoon or doodle styles are very popular. The cartoon animation style is really fun for graphics. For example, a golf course might want golf graphics in an intro video about their golf course. They may search a whiteboard graphic provider online and request original golfer cartoons. They will receive a complete video with whiteboard animation all about golf.
Another way people are using whiteboard animation is for personal and family uses. For example, why send the same old boring holiday card, when you can hire a whiteboard animator to create online Christmas cards for you. Animate your whole family! It’s a super fun and creative way to let your friends and extended family know that you care.
Overall, whiteboard animation offers a huge selection of comical cartoons to customize for your business or personal whiteboard message.