Advantages Of Animated Marketing Videos For Business

As a business owner, finding proven strategies to continually bring in more customers seems like a never ending process. With the advancement in technology always opening up new potential channels for exposure, the need to keep abreast of all of this is practically a full time job. Despite all of this, one particular investment that pays off well is developing and publishing videos. One easily can leverage a video and maximize exposure through a majority of platforms. Animated videos in particular are quite effective so let’s discuss more of their benefits and how to use them here.
Billions of video hours are watched every month on popular video websites. Understanding that the average internet user’s attention span is quite short, making an impact in today’s environment is quite a challenge. This is where animated videos come in. Done right, an “explainer” type video will get one’s point across while captivating the interest of the watcher long enough to illicit a reaction. Delivering more in less time is a huge advantage of a well done animated video.
For a business like Commercial Lock and Key, it’s important to keep things fresh when it comes to advertising. Be smart and research what the competition is doing too. While animated videos are great, if others are also using them also, the message will just get lost in the shuffle. If however no one else is utilizing them or doing them properly, capitalizing on this opening is highly recommended. See this video as an example:
A Powerful Script
All the bells and whistles available in animated videos are lost if the script doesn’t stand out. Spend time crafting a compelling message and planning out the highlights of the video. Be sure to always think of the value the watcher will receive and one will be on the right track. The visual impact of an animated video will accentuate the script, and thus leave an impression wherever it is displayed.
A great part about creating animated videos for one’s business are they are much more affordable compared to other types of videos. Hiring actors for a live action type of video would be great but a decent one would take a Hollywood type budget. One can create probably hundreds of animated videos for the same price.
Expressing complex business ideas are also much easier to express and absorb through animated videos. Just be sure to match the animation styles to the type of audience intended to watch it.
As one can see, there are many advantages to using animated videos. This helps to capitalize on the natural tendency for internet viewers to want to watch video versus consuming content through other means. A business would be smart to take full advantage of this as much as possible through animated videos.