4 Simple Tips For Creating Animated Explainer Videos For Businesses

Animated explainer videos are an excellent way to describe your products or services to potential customers in an entertaining fashion. It can set you apart from other competitors. And since these videos are typically placed on your landing page, you must get it right from the very beginning. Capturing the interest of visitors and compelling them to follow-through with a specific call-to-action are your ultimate objectives. The following are some tips that can help you create the best animated explainer videos for your business.
Explainer Video Animated

Animated Explainer Video

1. Focus on the script.
Many marketers tend to focus on the visuals, but the script actually plays the largest role in determining the effectiveness of an explainer video. Writing a script for an explainer video is very similar to writing a sales copy. You should be able to persuade consumers about availing of your products or services without appearing forceful. And keep in mind that your script should be concise. You want everything in the script to stick to viewers, so don’t overwhelm them with so many words that do not add value.
2. Follow the basic formula.
There’s a basic formula for creating animated explainer videos that has proven to be effective. A good explainer video contains these 4 things: the problem, the solution, how the product or service can help, and a call to action. Walking viewers through the problem and the solution to it allows them to connect with your product or service more effectively.
3. Emphasize benefits instead of features.
It’s tempting to highlight the best features of your product or service. For instance, it’s hard to resist boasting about that 60” Full HD screen. But consumers relate more when you focus on the benefits they can get from your product or service. Technical jargon wouldn’t be appreciated by everyone, but telling people how you can make their lives better can create a huge impact and influence their purchasing decision in a positive sense.
4. Use high quality audio.
An animated video with all the bells and whistles can be extremely annoying to watch if the audio quality is poor. The voiceover can make or break your video. It’s highly recommended to use a professional voice as it adds credibility to your video. This is an investment that’s well worth it in the end.
If you’re planning to create an animated explainer video for your business, then these tips should help you get started in the right direction. Not only will you save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes, it also enables you to get your message across to potential customers while helping you stand out from the competition at the same time.