Funny Animated Business Cards

Business cards don’t have to be as sophisticated as some people make them to be. Yes, there is a place for a serious card, but it is often possible to mix it up. Certain niches should be looking to go with funny business cards. It spices things up, especially when the niche is related to toys and children. You want to keep it lighthearted.
Animated Funny Business Cards

Funny Animated Business Cards

The best business cards can be found online, but they have to be funny and animated with the person that will be receiving one. If it does not speak volumes, it will become a disaster.
Crisp Animations
If animated videos or cards are being used, they should be crisp and creative. If the animations are bland and being done for the newness of it, you won’t get enough traction. Yes, a few people will be charmed, but others won’t as they will hate it eventually. You need to go with crisp animations.
You want to get a real feel for how the animations are being used. They should help promote the business to someone that would pick them up. It should give them the information needed along with being able to be unique too.
Is there humor to what is being given? If you just toss in an animation, you might come off as being overconfident and being a tad crazy. However, if you add a bit of humor to what you are presenting, you will get more appreciation and the person will connect.
It is this connection that you want from the business card that is being used online. This is the only way to make it easier for you.
If the business card is not nice, you won’t like how funny it is so there has to be some sort of combination being offered.
Don’t just have business cards that are animated because that is only a part of it. You need more than an animated card to help out. You need one that is sending a good message as well because that is what a business card is supposed to do. If it does not even get the message across, you are not really getting much use out of the card.
Your intentions might be wonderful with the animated business card, but you need a solid option that still has the details written out for the person to contact you and find out more.

Advantages Of Animated Marketing Videos For Business

As a business owner, finding proven strategies to continually bring in more customers seems like a never ending process. With the advancement in technology always opening up new potential channels for exposure, the need to keep abreast of all of this is practically a full time job. Despite all of this, one particular investment that pays off well is developing and publishing videos. One easily can leverage a video and maximize exposure through a majority of platforms. Animated videos in particular are quite effective so let’s discuss more of their benefits and how to use them here.
Billions of video hours are watched every month on popular video websites. Understanding that the average internet user’s attention span is quite short, making an impact in today’s environment is quite a challenge. This is where animated videos come in. Done right, an “explainer” type video will get one’s point across while captivating the interest of the watcher long enough to illicit a reaction. Delivering more in less time is a huge advantage of a well done animated video.
For a business like Commercial Lock and Key, it’s important to keep things fresh when it comes to advertising. Be smart and research what the competition is doing too. While animated videos are great, if others are also using them also, the message will just get lost in the shuffle. If however no one else is utilizing them or doing them properly, capitalizing on this opening is highly recommended. See this video as an example:
A Powerful Script
All the bells and whistles available in animated videos are lost if the script doesn’t stand out. Spend time crafting a compelling message and planning out the highlights of the video. Be sure to always think of the value the watcher will receive and one will be on the right track. The visual impact of an animated video will accentuate the script, and thus leave an impression wherever it is displayed.
A great part about creating animated videos for one’s business are they are much more affordable compared to other types of videos. Hiring actors for a live action type of video would be great but a decent one would take a Hollywood type budget. One can create probably hundreds of animated videos for the same price.
Expressing complex business ideas are also much easier to express and absorb through animated videos. Just be sure to match the animation styles to the type of audience intended to watch it.
As one can see, there are many advantages to using animated videos. This helps to capitalize on the natural tendency for internet viewers to want to watch video versus consuming content through other means. A business would be smart to take full advantage of this as much as possible through animated videos.

Sending Animated Funny Online Greeting Cards

The online world is a big place. Not everyone spends time on the World Wide Web, but many people do. With so many people enjoying the internet, showing the special people in your life that you are thinking of them is easier than ever. Sure, you can visit your local department store, pick out a card, write in it, address the envelope, add a stamp to it, mail it off, and wait days for it to arrive. Or, you can send an animated greeting card online that will arrive immediately. Read on to learn why and when you should be sending your family members and friends animated funny online greeting cards.
Funny Animated Greeting Cards Online

Animated Funny Online Greeting Cards

Send animated online videos and cards. Everyone has a birthday and you can make the day even more special by sending them a funny greeting card. Whether it is your mom’s birthday, your best friend’s special day, or your spouse is turning a year older, show them how special they are by sending an animated online funny card.
Another reason you may want to send a card is to brighten someone’s day. Do you know someone who could use a smile? Send them a funny online card to bring that cheer into their day that they need. When you want to share a smile, you can find the perfect choice in animated greeting cards.
Sending online greeting cards as a congratulations is also a fun option. Whether you have a friend or family member that has had a big or small achievement, they will be glad to know you are thinking of them when you send them a funny online card.
You can also send online greeting cards to just let someone know that you are thinking of them. While an email, private message, or text message is a nice way to say, “Hi”, sending a funny card to someone you know will appreciate it is a good choice. Everyone loves to laugh, whether they act like it or not. Sending a card that brings a chuckle will brighten anyone’s day and may even help make the day of those around the recipient even better, too.
As you can see, there are quite a few reasons that you should consider sending an animated online video instead of sending a traditional greeting card. Sending a laugh for a birthday, bringing a smile to a friend’s face, or just sharing your love can brighten anyone’s day.

4 Simple Tips For Creating Animated Explainer Videos For Businesses

Animated explainer videos are an excellent way to describe your products or services to potential customers in an entertaining fashion. It can set you apart from other competitors. And since these videos are typically placed on your landing page, you must get it right from the very beginning. Capturing the interest of visitors and compelling them to follow-through with a specific call-to-action are your ultimate objectives. The following are some tips that can help you create the best animated explainer videos for your business.
Explainer Video Animated

Animated Explainer Video

1. Focus on the script.
Many marketers tend to focus on the visuals, but the script actually plays the largest role in determining the effectiveness of an explainer video. Writing a script for an explainer video is very similar to writing a sales copy. You should be able to persuade consumers about availing of your products or services without appearing forceful. And keep in mind that your script should be concise. You want everything in the script to stick to viewers, so don’t overwhelm them with so many words that do not add value.
2. Follow the basic formula.
There’s a basic formula for creating animated explainer videos that has proven to be effective. A good explainer video contains these 4 things: the problem, the solution, how the product or service can help, and a call to action. Walking viewers through the problem and the solution to it allows them to connect with your product or service more effectively.
3. Emphasize benefits instead of features.
It’s tempting to highlight the best features of your product or service. For instance, it’s hard to resist boasting about that 60” Full HD screen. But consumers relate more when you focus on the benefits they can get from your product or service. Technical jargon wouldn’t be appreciated by everyone, but telling people how you can make their lives better can create a huge impact and influence their purchasing decision in a positive sense.
4. Use high quality audio.
An animated video with all the bells and whistles can be extremely annoying to watch if the audio quality is poor. The voiceover can make or break your video. It’s highly recommended to use a professional voice as it adds credibility to your video. This is an investment that’s well worth it in the end.
If you’re planning to create an animated explainer video for your business, then these tips should help you get started in the right direction. Not only will you save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes, it also enables you to get your message across to potential customers while helping you stand out from the competition at the same time.

How Video Business Cards Can Help Boost Traffic And Sales

The first use of business cards dates back to the 15th century. It was used by Chinese merchants to promote their business. One of the oldest forms of advertising, business cards have evolved over the years. While traditional paper calling cards can still do the trick, a new trend emerges that makes business cards very apt for today’s digital world. Animated business cards are all the rage these days. Keep reading to learn how they can give your business an edge over your competitors.
Video Busniess Card

Boost Sales and Traffic with a Video Business Card

As you probably know, online videos can amass an enormous amount of views in a short period of time. Online users simply love to spend their time watching videos as they effectively capture their attention more than traditional text. You can take advantage of this by creating video business cards, showcasing what your business is all about and convincing viewers to follow through with your desired call to action.
When creating a business video card, it pays to stick to the basics. All the information found on a traditional paper calling card must be included such as the company name, your name, contact information and an address if your business has a brick and mortar location. But since you’re making a video, you shouldn’t stop there. There are numerous things you can add to make the video more entertaining and compelling.
One of the primary benefits of creating animated business cards online videos is that they can promote brand awareness. The video must reflect the identity of your company, from your logo, brand colors, font and even a company jingle if you have one. What’s more, you can include a call to action at the end of the video. Through this, you can encourage viewers to sign up to your newsletter, follow you on social media or click through to your website.
If you’re wondering where you should upload your animated business cards, then there are plenty of online platforms to choose from. For instance, using it as featured video of your Facebook page can lead to higher engagement rates. Keep in mind that videos on Facebook receive 8 billion hits daily. Get your slice of the pie by creating high quality videos that promote your business.
Of course, YouTube is also a great place to upload your video. This video-sharing platform is also the second largest search engine. By ranking your video business cards for relevant keywords, you can drive tons of targeted traffic.
There shouldn’t be any reason not to use animated business cards online videos. They can help your business stand out from the rest and make your target customers remember you easier. While you need to shell out money for video creation, it’s well worth it once you reap the rewards of increased traffic and sales.

Whiteboard Animation Story Drawing

Recently, whiteboard animation has really taken off online as a fun and easy to follow way to describe a process or introduce a product. Whiteboard animation is characterized by the artist drawing a story and the process is observed as if it’s live. It’s a very unique and effective way to get a message across. There are plenty of styles and topics in whiteboard animation. Cartoon or doodle styles are very popular. The cartoon animation style is really fun for graphics. For example, a golf course might want golf graphics in an intro video about their golf course. They may search a whiteboard graphic provider online and request original golfer cartoons. They will receive a complete video with whiteboard animation all about golf.
Another way people are using whiteboard animation is for personal and family uses. For example, why send the same old boring holiday card, when you can hire a whiteboard animator to create online Christmas cards for you. Animate your whole family! It’s a super fun and creative way to let your friends and extended family know that you care.
Overall, whiteboard animation offers a huge selection of comical cartoons to customize for your business or personal whiteboard message.